Sunday, December 9, 2012

India lost Kolkata test badly, what next?

Performance of Indian cricket team has disappointed all Indians. India lost Kolkata test badly today at Eden gardens. None but Ashwin bat well after yesterday's lunch. He saved India from Innings defeat. However, he could not save his team from shameful defeat. Indian cricket has lost all its glory. The team could win only one match among last eleven tests.

There are hue and cry among Indian supporters. People are asking for retirement of Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan and Zaheer Khan.  There are questions about captain-ship and performance of MS Dhoni. However, I have seen Srikanth, Dilip Bangsarkar etc defending Dhoni. They are coming out with ridiculous argument. Captain alone is not responsible, they told.

MS Dhoni, skipper, Indian cricket team in all formats has given free hand in choosing his team, pitch and everything. He never listen to advices. Why is he not held responsible for consecutive defeats? After all he has earned handful encasing his cricket.

It is my personal feeling that selectors are also responsible. Why Sachin Tendulkar is not questioned for his performance, for his consecutive failure? After all he is god of cricket!

At last but not the least, political interference is responsible for this disaster. I will come up with this in next post.

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